Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Monday, January 16, 2012

Milano's are for Moms.

Okay so maybe for 1 or 2 fellas. But don't press your luck.

When I was growing up, from time to time, I would find a bag of Peppridge Farm Milano cookies stashed somewhere. The hiding place would change once they were discovered of course. But what I learned after having a bag snatched from my hand by my mother followed by "Where did you find these!?" Was, that Milano's were not for us kids.

 They were mom's.

So, naturally upon entering adulthood,  motherhood, and wifehood (that is totally a word) I hid my Milano's too. I mean come on. There are only approximately 12 cookies in the whole bag. And they aren't cheap.

So, On new Years eve this year, I bought a box of the assorted favorites for the family and for myself...Milano's. Duh.

I did not hide them. I figured with the box of assorted, my bag was safe. But Noooooo. My husband helped himself to one, and I flipped. "Those. Are. Mine." I said. "Why are they just yours?"  It was at this moment, that I realized that Men are unaware of the Mom's Milanos rule. So I explained it to him. Yanking the bag from his hand. I don't think he completely grasped the concept. So I will certainly hide them from now on.

Lesson learned.

But I wondered. How many men do not know of this rule? I mean after all we have been hiding them. So I decided to do my part and let the men know. I tweeted this:

A little while later, I got a DM from Peppridge Farms themselves. Thanking me for my tweeting about Milano cookies. And that she would like to send me a little something. Now, I don't make a practice of giving out my mailing address, but It was Peppridge Farms people. I figured, I would get some coupons or a bag of Milano's or something like that.

Well, here it is, 2 weeks later. And the FedEx truck pulls up. I usually know what they are bringing me, but I had forgotten about that message.

And Low and behold...........


Hold on a sec, cause I'm still freaking out a little myself.

And a note from her as well.

I am just tickled pink over this. And I am going to send some of these to my my best twitter friends. I just got to come up with a shipping game plan.. I hate the post office.

Since I have started following Peppridge Farms, I have noticed that they (she) is very different from other company twitter-er's. She is very interactive. And fun. You can follow her here.

Thank you very much to Peppridge Farms for the generous gift of those scrumptious, decadent, melt in your mouth, double chocolate shortbread cookies.

Now to find a place to hide them ALL!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everything before this post.

Every post before this one is SUPER old. Like 6 years old. I have decided not to delete them.
I don't remember 1/2 that stuff, and the blog was kinda a way to keep my family up to date with my life and the kids before Facebook.

So, If you want to take a look around, go for it.

See ya around!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lizzie and Lea

These would be the newest members of the Austin household. Purchased by the oldest child Faith with her birthday money. Am I crazy? Can't be any crazier than the people who painted those shells. The one in black is Lizzie and the one wearing blue is Lea. The pink zebra shell is empty. Just incase they are having a fat day, they can change shells.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


School is back in TODAY! Was just recently informed that Noah had been accepted in to the Pre-k class and YEE HAW, this will be my first year with all 3 kids in school. What on earth am I going to do with my self?

1. Substitue teach
2. get certified h2o areobics intsrutor
3. clean and organize my house
4. shop <<<<<<<<<<<<<<( this one)
5. get addicted to talk shows
6. Get a job ( not going to happen)
8. work out all the time
9. bug my husband at work
10. other

You guys vote and I will take it into consideration.
Tee hee.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Why are summers so much shorter than when I was in school. I remember having 3 months to enjoy the sun, traveling and and still have time for band and dance camp. It is now almost the end of June and there will be only one month left untill my kids go back to school the first wk of August.

Well I must hurry off to the pool before they close it for the summer. (whimper)

If anyone actualy reads my blog...How long is your summer vacation from school?