Thursday, August 10, 2006


School is back in TODAY! Was just recently informed that Noah had been accepted in to the Pre-k class and YEE HAW, this will be my first year with all 3 kids in school. What on earth am I going to do with my self?

1. Substitue teach
2. get certified h2o areobics intsrutor
3. clean and organize my house
4. shop <<<<<<<<<<<<<<( this one)
5. get addicted to talk shows
6. Get a job ( not going to happen)
8. work out all the time
9. bug my husband at work
10. other

You guys vote and I will take it into consideration.
Tee hee.


Tersie said...

I like the new layout!! Can you believe that I still don't know when my kids go back to school? I guess I'd better be investigating. I know it's toward the end of August sometime ...

As far as what you're going to do with all your spare time now ... Substitute teachers get no respect. I wouldn't do that. Cleaning is boring. LOL ... shopping is expensive and addictive - and talk shows are not worth getting addicted to. I say your best bet is Number 2! Becoming certified to teach water aerobics sounds like fun and you get your fitness in at the same time! That's my vote! :-)

Richard said...

I vote for other! The possibilities are endless and some are so much fun that you can actually get in trouble.

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