Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Girl Scout troop

Well mom, I guess there was one more thing i forgot to tell you about. The Girl Scout trip to the YMCA! They learned so much. Water safety, How to save youself, someone else, how NOT to try and save someone, and different swimming techniques. They learned the front crawl and the side stroke that they all were required to swim for 50 yrds. They had to glide for at least 6 ft., and kick for 25 yards. There were a couple more requirements I can't think of right now, but they are 2 steps from earning their swimming patch. YEAH! I love this job.

On another note, Georgia will be starting kids yoga on march the 7th and we are very excited about that. Here is the link if you want to check out what the program objectives are.http://www.yogakids.com/what/Check it out.

Just so everyone knows, my brother has not emailed me, but has created a post on his site about my blog. I guess i'll take what i can get. :-*

Do something unexpected for someone you don't know very well.

Thanks KIM!!!!!

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Annie said...

I will speak to your brother about that :-) Good job.

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