Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Valentines day present

I wanted to show off my valentines day
present that Bubba brought home to me.
Accessories not included. A designer found the vanity
and it was in need of of repair. Bubba covered where
the veneer was with dark chocolate ultrasuade and
built lifts on the bottom that are also upolstered.
I haven't had a space of my own like this in a long time.
It's so nice!
Thank you Bubba!


Richard said...

That's a nice vanity. Dennis really does good work.I hope you enjoy it.

Tod said...

Very nice! Please post a pic of your family. It would be nice to see what gene pool that take after....

Tod said...

Let's see some pics of your family. Which kids swimming are yours?
Nice vanity, he did a good job.

jennifer said...

I will email some pics to you guys just give me you address via email.
mine is

mom said...

Richard is teaching me how to comment on your Blog. I am using the vanity for a test site. You already know I think it's great and now I see the blue. Do you have jewerly hanging from the lamp? I am so glad you have this and can sit and do make up and MAYBE take your time and relax.

Anonymous said...

That is lovely Jennifer! How special. BTW this is so cool that you are doing this. Today is my first time checking it out as I am home with Andy while he is recovering from surgery. He is doing well and John and Jordan are great. Love you! Annie

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! I love reading all of the comments people make!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer!
I enjoy reading all of the comments people leave for you.

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