Thursday, March 09, 2006

Working out.

I told you all that I would post about my experience with taking a spin class. I have now taken 4 classes and think I am ready to form an initial opinion (subject to change of course.) The first class was.. to put it bluntly... a pain in the a__. The bike seat hurt so bad that I
was begging to get to the part of the class where you pedal standing up. Standing up it turns out was worse. 45 mins the class lasted, doing a 2 min stand (uphill climb) every 7 mins.
When the class was over I made it clear that my bottom was in agony and wanted to know how in the world he ( the instructor) could stand it. He assured me that I (my butt) would get used to it after about 4 or 5 classes.

Well I do not give up easily, so I have been going back every Fri. with my ever so loyal friend Sheryl (who's butt hurt also). And it is getting easier. I decided this week to go to a different spin class during the time Georgia is Yoga because I would not be able to go to the Fri. class. Of course there was a different instructor and the class was MUCH harder. She had us doing 4 min climbs and 2 min runs.

I left the class early. I couldn't hang.

I will be however returning to my Fri. class, and appreciating Scott the instructor much more.


John said...

See... I always knew you were a pain in the a$$. .. hehe :)

Richard said...

Why don't you try a little Neosporin on your sore a__. HA HA

John said...

Look .. its Richard .. I never get to see him or Mom on my blog .. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey....why dont I ever see Richard or Carolyn on Johns blog?

MostWonderfulPerson said...

so glad she shared with all of you about MY sore backside!

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