Monday, June 19, 2006


Why are summers so much shorter than when I was in school. I remember having 3 months to enjoy the sun, traveling and and still have time for band and dance camp. It is now almost the end of June and there will be only one month left untill my kids go back to school the first wk of August.

Well I must hurry off to the pool before they close it for the summer. (whimper)

If anyone actualy reads my blog...How long is your summer vacation from school?


mom said...

I feel that way about the whole year. It seems like the Holidays come quicker and the seasons are over quicker. There is never enough time to do everything. You would think as one gets older, time would slow down, but it's just the opposite. Yeah summer seems to go very quick for your kids. Is it because they start back to school so much earlier than you did?

Richard said...

Is it possible that you haven't recovered from the time change? Maybe you and your mother should start a "support group" for the time change challenged. HAHA

MostWonderfulPerson said...

we had summer vacation? when?

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