Thursday, June 01, 2006

The pool is open!!

I have been looking forward to this part of summer ever since we started school last year. Well, now that it is open I plan on getting as tan as possible, fit as possible, and still keep up with everything else I have to do. Oh yeah, the kids love it too. :-)


JohnC said...

The Pool is open all Year round here .. Oh .. and you get a tan wether you want one or not. :)

Richard said...

Our pool is open too and your mom floated around and got too much sun last weekend while I got blisters doing yard work. As for John, he wants to give you a hard time. The last time I visited him it was winter here in Ohio and my tan was better than his. You might even say that he was "fish belly white". also remember, it was recently that he was worried that he was going to be blown away by a hurricane while snorting anthrax.:) That said, I'll have to admit I really do like Florida. I had to jab John a little. Thanks to him i just finished my fourth (BIG) jar of peanut butter.

JohnC said...

And how many bags of chips? :)

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