Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thank you to Tersie

I guess most of you don't know who Tersie is. She is a girl who went to the same high school as me. I followed the "yellow link road" and found her blog. On her blog she is journaling everthing she is doing to loose the weight she wants, and ultimately ride in a bike ride called the TOSRV. This is a bike ride that is done every mother's day. Anyway, on her blog she has a link to a site called FITDAY. I checked it out, and thought some of you would really be interested in it.FitDay is an online diet and fitness journal. Anyone can join for free and you get a diary that tracks your nutrition, weight loss, activity and more. Users come to FitDay and enter what foods they eat and what activities they do, and FitDay gives detailed reports on calories, carbs, fat, caloric balance and more. It will show you in pie graph form how it all balances out. That is my favorite part so far. I tried to put a link here so you can see mine everyday, but it is not working out just yet. In time.

Anyway. Thanks Tersie and I'm with ya!!!!

P.S. a little lesson in HTML. I deleted one tiny little backslash and now the link to my fitday journal works. No ugly remarks on what you find there, please. :-/


Tersie said...

Hi! And you're welcome. I love fitday on most days. Sometimes the truth hurts tho! ;o)

I'm not sure how you're linking to your fitday page. On the left side of the page at the top is a "home" button. If you press that then scroll all the way to the bottom of the "home" page, it will tell you if you have a public link or not. If so, the link you can use to show your stats for the day is right there to copy and paste. Good luck!! :)

jennifer said...

that is what i did. didn't work.

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