Monday, May 22, 2006

Tightening up the camp.

Summer is here and if my kids and I plan on doing anything at all this summer, we are going to have to tighten up this camp!
I am going to try and post here everyday to let anyone who cares know what we got done. ( and keep me accoutable to doing it.) This post will actually be what I am planning on doing today instead of what we actually got done.

1. Purge the kitchen. I am pulling everything out and putting back what I want to keep or need.
(Faith is doing the silverware drawer right now.)

2. Wash ever piece of fabric that is not attached to furniture. (sorting to come later)

3. Keeping my kids from killing eachother.

Well i better get off my butt and get to work.=)
well, I did get to some of the sorting. I got the girls clothes hung up according to outfits (since they seem to have trouble in that dept.) , and I did do some weed eating.

Also went upstairs and changed the light bulb in the attic so i could do some work up there in a few days. Why? you ask....cause there are spiders. I don't like them and if i turn the light on and spray bug stuff they will go away. That was a major accomplishment. whew!

Tommorow is a YMCA day so all work will wait till we get back. ( I am going to let the kids swim if it's not storming.)


Richard said...

That sounds like me every morning(when I first get up). I hope your luck is better than mine. Of course my list are isn't the same as yours, but I know what you mean. Something always seems to happen to my "best layed plans". It makes me think of these words from a song. "Just what makes that little old ant think he'll move that rubber tree plant? Now, you give me the next line from that song and you'll know why we think we are going to do a bunch of stuff every morning. The computer usually junps up and grabs me. Judge Judy sometimes gets me too. What's your story?

jennifer said...

high hopes.

Richard said...

Very good!!! Who was the artist that recorded the song in the 1950's?I actually mislead you (by accident) a bit. The next line was "everyone know an ant can't move a rubber tree plant".

jennifer said...

i have no idea. ask john....i don't like to play name that tune.

Richard said...

You said you did some weed eating. How are they this year, Sweet and tender? Did they make your teeth green?

JohnC said...

The song was High Hopes ... I think Frank Sinatra did a version but I dont know if he originated it.

Richard said...

I don't know if he was first either. His version was from a movie.

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