Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spin again.

I already have posted my opinion of the spinning classes I took. I was not real encouraged at first, but my opinion is changing. So much in fact that I have put "spin" on my pocket calendar every thurs. at 5.

The last few times I have been, I was the only one in the class and Scot (the instructor) tailored the class just for little ole' me. Teaching me how to rate my pain so to speak and keep it at a steady 6 or 7. ( on a scale from 1-10). Not trying to keep up with everyone else if I go to another class.

Anyway. I am feeling much stronger lately, and I have noticed that when I indulge in a BIG meal like fettucini w/ broccoli and chicken with bread. (mmmmm. fettucini.) I do feel grossly full but my body uses it up way faster than it would have before. It is becoming more efficient. Using up what I eat. That's a good thing!

As far as weight loss goes.... there is none so to speak. But as we all know muscle weighs more than fat, and my inches have just moved around a bit. Curvier would be a good word. conclude, I would definitely recommend spinning. But be warned you must stick with it and not try to keep up w/ everyone else in the class.

And use the padded seat cushions. =)


Richard said...

If I were you I'd get a full length mirror and look into it over your shoulder to make sure the fettucini isn't hanging onto your tooter. Sorry, I couldn't resist!! I'm doing John's horrible laugh now.

jennifer said...

It's a BOO HINNEY, and no the only thing that's hanging on back there is Bubba. ;)

JohnC said...

as a refresher Richard .. the laugh is spelled ... Mwwaahhh

Do it right or don't do it at all :)

Richard said...

my URL is

MostWonderfulPerson said...

okay you yankee...if you're gonna use my word...spell it correctly!
it is BOO-HINEY! :)

MostWonderfulPerson said...

Also, I want you to know how great I think it is that you have stuck with it! Keep on spinning and grinning!

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