Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Second day of summer training

Okay. We did not go to the Y this morning, we are going in a bit though. I want to try the belly dancing class at 7 and georgia has yoga at 4:30.

Today, I have finished cutting the grass ( 4 acres of it) and the kids and I started raking up and picking up all the branches that the storms throw down in my yard. The sad part about that is, now that we have cleaned them up, it will probably storm tonight and leave more sticks and branches for me to pick up.

I can't believe that is all I have done today. (except call John a geek every chance I had.)

For tomorrow, I think we shall get alot more yard work done. There is alot of "stuff" that we need to get rid of and around the side of the house ther is a pile that needs to be cleaned out so I can plant pretty things.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, by the way the plant is what I got for mother's day.


mom said...

How in the world can you be so energetic? I can't imagine pulling everything out of the cabinets at once. It would lay on the floor for weeks before I would put it back. How did you get to be such a good housekeeper? Do you remember your room at all? Where did that little girl go?

jennifer said...

I don not have near as much stuff in my kitchen as you.

MostWonderfulPerson said...

It also amazes me that she does that sort of thing! Cleaning out cabinets is something I avoid! Jennifer seems to be able to do her whole kitchen, closets, drawers...whatever she wants in record time! I'm so envious!

jennifer said...

I don't have as much stuff as you guys, nor do I have near the cabinet space. I am the envious one. (about the cabinet space, not the stuff.)

JohnC said...

Cool. . she called me "Geek" again.. :)

Tersie said...

Hi Jennifer :) Thanks for visiting my puppy blog. I've been thinking of revamping it now that I have the TOSRV goal for next year, the jury's still out on that one!

I love your mothers day plant! I got a tropical plant for mothers day too, it's a little baby rubber tree plant. I think the family's surprised I have had it for a couple of weeks now and haven't killed it yet!! :)

You are one ambitious gal! Keep up the organizing and I'm sure your family will be in ship shape in no time!

jennifer said...

yeah! Tersie left a comment. I am so glad you read mine. I have to say that you really have inspired me. ty.

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